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Clarity on Compounding

For the sake of clarity and accuracy, following are some things about #pharmacycompounding reporters should know when reporting on compounding, particularly related to semaglutide:

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Compounding pharmacies offer a fix for shortages of essential drugs.

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About APC

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is the voice for pharmacy compounding, representing more than 600 compounding small businesses – including compounding pharmacists and technicians in both 503A and 503B settings – as well as prescribers, educators, researchers, and suppliers. In traditional compounding, pharmacists create a customized medication, most often from pure ingredients, for an individual patient pursuant to a prescription. Pharmacists’ ability to compound medications from pure ingredients is authorized in federal law and for good reason: Manufactured drugs don’t come in strengths and dosage forms that are right for everyone, and prescribers need to be able to prescribe customized medications when, in their judgment, a manufactured drug is not the best course of therapy for a human or animal patient. Every day, APC members play a critical role in patients’ lives, preparing essential, custom medications for a range of health conditions, including autism, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, women’s health, animal health, and others.